Under starry skies

The sky of the Buëch and the Baronnies of Provence is one of the most beautiful in Europe... Take the opportunity to put your head in the stars! The Observatory of the Baronnies of Provence invites you to its astronomical domain dedicated to the sky observation and the discovery of our nocturnal Heritage: the Night! Observe this black sky without any light pollution with a telescope or during the open cupola nights! Discover the starry sky in Quadbike, this is a fun way... Under the stars our nights are more beautiful!


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OBP - Nuit sous la Coupole à l'OBP (Copyright : OBP)

Dome evening

Nuit Astro - Nuit Astronomie sur la terrasse du planétarium (Copyright : OBP)

Mission Exoplanète


Sisteron Buëch

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