Provençal Baronies regional natural park

Lucky you! You are in the Provencal Baronies.
Land bathed in light – Lands of flavors – Land of scents – Land of sport and challenge

In Provence, between the Alps and the Mont Ventoux, the Provencal Baronies massif is an inspoilt natural setting that offers both, the mildness of its climate and its remarkable landscapes. Since 2015 this territory is recognized for its wealth by the label “Regional Natural Park”.

Plants and well-being, an art of living

The Provençal baronies with a rich natural and agricultural heritage adapted to the Mediterranean climate but under the Alpine influence, are strongly marked by perfumed, aromatic and medicinal plants: they are part of their identity. Just walking along it’s trails, on a bend of a path, you’ll cross thyme, rosemary or even lavender fields.

These plants are true footprints of landscapes and scents; they are an integral part of a natural quality of life and represent an art of living: try our thermal baths and spas with aromatherapy, and quality cosmetic products.


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Gourmet land by nature

From north to south and from east to west, each valley has its own climate, its own products and specialties. No less than 6 protected designation of origin (PDO), 7 Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) and two planned. The ambassadors of the local gastronomy are the wine, the olive and the olive oil of Nyons (the Tanche), the linden, the picodon-cheese, the apricot, the cherry, the lamb, the lavender, the herbs of Provence... Stolling in the park means venturing on a path of authentic flavors.

A real size get-away

The territory, with its varied mid-mountain topography, its Mediterranean climate, the richness of its natural and cultural heritage, provides an ideal environment for the practice of sports activities connected with Nature. The cliffs offer an exceptional setting for climbing: more than 1500 routes equipped for all levels, with internationally renowned sites.
Between lavender fields, orchards, marls and limestone screes, the Provençal baronies present a wide variety of hikes. Walkers, riders and mountain bikers can venture on a vast network of trails. The hilly terrain creates the diversity and the charm of the routes. Cyclists will take the opportunity to train before going to take on the neighboring Mont-Ventoux.
The mountains of the Park can also be discovered by air: paragliders and hang gliders are in bliss with one of the best aerologies of France!

Focus on...
Tea bags

Teas made of aromatic plants are produced on the massif of Baronnies provençales. Come and taste them at the Tourist Office Sisteron Buëch while getting an overview of the diversity of the Baronies! Isn’t it a good opportunity to taste a fragment of Baronnies Provençale!


Under starry skies, our nights are more beautiful

Among the best French and European regions saved from light pollution, the Provencal Baronies are a window on the sky. When it is dark, it's time to open your eyes wide! Far from big cities, the night sky of the Park is deep and has a sharpness that is an invitation to its contemplation. Its darkness is ideal for observations. Exploring the Regional Natural Park of the Provencal Baronies, means finding many points of views and natural sightings lookouts everywhere. The interested visitor will discover astronomy immerged in nature in an intact environment, with only binoculars or telescopes. The more adventurous will enjoy the freshness of the night to go for a walk under the stars, when the nocturnal animals are out. Bats, eagle owl, pigmy owls, insects... a whole wildlife to discover or rediscover!
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Choosing an accommodation marked "Values Regional Natural Park" means meeting professionals who contribute to the sustainable development of their territory and to make you discover what it offers best. The objective is to promote a quality touristic offer, local and oriented on outdoors and nature activities, plants and well-being, and sky observation according to the Park Charter. Qualified professionals in agreement with the Park label value communicate their passion to the public and their commitment to the development of their territory with respect for the environment.

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The professionals with the label "Park Values " :

  • commit themselves to the life of their villages and participate in the actions of the Park that
  • guide you on a pleasant and authentic discovery of their territory
  • are concerned with biodiversity
  • measure the impacts of their activity on the environment,
  • favor direct sales channels and quality local products
  • preserve and renovate old buildings
  • are part of a network of touristic stakeholders, farmers and craftsmen who convey and defend the values of sustainable tourism
  • wish (through all these commitments) to give you all the keys of their territory to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

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