Serres the medieval town


Nestled on the rocky hillside of Pignolette, the village of Serres and the braided river "Buëch" dominate the valley. Its inhabitants say that it is the little sister of Sisteron: only the citadel, that was destroyed by Richelieu in 1633, is missing. Serres at an altitude 660m, is located in the south of the Hautes-Alpes, at the junction of the road connecting Grenoble to Marseille, and Nyons to Briançon. This strategic position has for a very long time promoted the development of trade and exchanges.
You will be charmed by this small medieval city, its arcaded square, vaulted passages, and carved doors... Browse in its quaint and picturesque streets and discover its history through the Romanesque church (12th century), the mansion of the Constable of Lesdiguières and also the Hebrew tomb. Do not miss a visit to the ancient village which has 4 Historical or listed Monuments : the Saint-Arey Church, the House of the Connétable Lesdiguières, the current town hall and a Méridienne (sundial indicating midday) dating from 1882 and unique in the department.
The fortified medieval village was expanded during the 14th and 15th centuries with the establishment of the bailiwick and the arrival of the popes in Avignon. Serres was at that time a large town hosting important fairs; business was conducted through the many notaries of the Great Charrière. Serres has preserved a beautiful architectural heritage from the Renaissance, from the time when Lesdiguières was the lord. Admire the many details of the house of Gaspard de Perrinet, the current Town Hall whose door panels are listed, and the house "Lesdiguières" also listed as a historical monument whose polychrome plasterworks (gypseries) are unique in France. Many carved walnut doors and engraved lintels are testament to its opulence.


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In recent years, craftsmen and artists have settled in the village. Every summer a weekend arts festival welcomes many craftsmen, offering a great diversity of expertise in the old shops opened for this occasion. Mid-September, a contemporary art event is also organized: Serres Lez'ARTS.

The Hang'Art

The Hang'Art is defined as an "unusual place of artistic convergence" as well as "Creators’ Boutique" and community café. It is a cultural place with several permanent shows and sales rooms with permanent exhibitions where artists, craftsmen and producers rub shoulders: furniture, lighting, jewellery, clothes, tableware, sculptures ... It's a unique place to come to again and again to awaken one’s interest; it offers a pleasant and artistic stopping place to taste a special locally roasted coffee or to enjoy someof the Hautes-Alpes produce also available in the shop. Hang'Art also offers evening performances.
Opening: Tuesday to Saturday from 10AM to 6 PM, in summer: Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 7 PM.
The Hang'Art, rue Roger Tesse, 05700 SERRES (In Serres follow Grenoble).
Tel.: +33 (0)4 92 21 43 30 Website:

The path of the monks

A relatively easy 2h30hike along the ridgeline of Fontarache, and an opportunity to visit most of the historical and religious heritage spots in Serres. The hike also offers a beautiful view of the Buëch valley and Pic de Bure, a mountain summit, in the Dévoluy massif.


La Germanette

To combine fun with swimming, water activities, water games and fishing ... The leisure aquatic park La Germanette in Serres is the perfect place to spend a pleasurable time with family.
The leisure and aquatic park of la Germanette : a 5 ha verdant space at the southern exit of the village; this landscaped aquatic park offers:
- a large swimming area supervised by 3 lifeguards (from 10 AM to 16.30 PM)
- a recreational aquatic area with electric and paddle boat rental
- a relaxation area with games (300m2 of water games, sprinkler snake, water tunnel ...),
- entertainment throughout the summer like festibulles (huge transparent bubbles on the water)
- refreshments and snacks on site
- not to forget a very popular fishing zone, managed by the association "Truite du Buëch" which makes it a special destination for families, and for all fishing enthusiasts. Fly fishing, pole fishing, bait and equipment on site, trout sold by weight... because it is not necessary to have a fishing permit.
The Germanette is the beach in the mountains!

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A history and local heritage lover, Michel MOUTTET has created a superb private collection of cars, motorbikes, and various models that he exhibits in his MUSEUM L'ESTANCO, a part of which is for paying tribute to his grandfather who experienced the horrors of war. AMILCAR sports cars, C4 CITROEN sedan, fire truck, vintage motorcycles, bicycles, enameled advertising plates, the history and model of the Marseille ferry bridge, those of the single-engined French biplaneG3 Caudron of Montmorin and the DFS 230 gliders of the Battle of Vercors... transport us from 1900 to 1980. Michel restored these vehicles and they are all up and running! Open house, old vehicles exhibition and visits by appointment. "L'Estanco" Car & Motorcycle Museum, 34, rue du Chemin Vert, 05700 SERRES, tel. 00 33 (0)6 81 46 10 41 Website:

Sisteron Buëch

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