Highlands of Provence (Hautes Terres de Provence®)

Move, observe, breathe... Highlands of Provence®

In the borders of the Alpes de Haute-Provence, between the Serre-Ponçon dam and the Sisteron citadel, the Hautes Terres de Provence® (the highlands of Provence) combine mid-mountain villages and hamlets whose altitude varies from 600 m to 1200 m. The principle villages are: La Motte-du-Caire et Turriers.

Between Provence and Alps, this terroir is known for animal rearing, grain crops and fruit production, the spectacular countryside is shared only with hikers, climbers, gliders and pilgrims on the Saint James way.

In this prealps region, made of valleys and mountains (Pic des Monges, 2115 m) in an unspoiled natural environment, the protection of exceptional flora and fauna greatly testifies to the magic of the place.
The Hautes Terres de Provence® (Highlands of Provence) are conducive to outdoor activities and offer an exceptional space for every kind of walk. The natural and cultural heritage is also present with a remarkable vernacular and religious heritage and several Natura 2000 sites.


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If you are a thrill-seeker, a first glider flight at La Motte-du-Caire or the ascent of the Via Ferrata of the Grande Fistoire and its 3 big zip lines are made for you. If it's hot and you want to cool off, the canyon des Tines will delight the whole family. Supervised by an instructor, you will begin canyoning in an exceptional environment, otherwise get into a canoe and paddle on the Durance. This river, long regarded as one of the scourges of Provence is now under control, and home to a remarkable fauna.


If you want to relax, there's nothing like a hike for getting some fresh air. 30 marked hiking trails for every level and 11 mountain bikes path will allow you to get up high. During the summer, guides offer themed excursions. In October, the Hautes Terres de Provence® (Highlands of Provence) organises the "Faites des Randonnées" (hiking festival): a great opportunity to learn about Nordic walking, mapreading or to discover hamlets in the middle of nowhere.


Nature is omnipresent: flora, wild lavender side by side with edelweiss, there are plenty of rare and protected species such as the columbine of the Alps, or the hoof of Venus... Fauna, the hoofed mammals (chamois, mouflon, deer), the rodents (marmots), the birds (golden eagle, circaetus Jean-le-Blanc, vulture, eagle owl, pigmy owl, black grouse, speckled nutcracker ...) live in symbiosis with many butterfly populations (such as the Isabelle) and innumerable varieties of insects (such as the Rosalia Alpina). You’ll see amazing breathtaking views with orientation tables scattered throughout the territory. The built heritage contains some treasures: the listed church of Notre-Dame de Bethlehem in Bayons; the Castle of Sigoyer-Malpoil where an interactive terminal offers a virtual view of its rebuilding, the charming Romanesque church of the hilltop village of Valavoire...
Finally, the built heritage contains some treasures including the church of Notre-Dame de Bethlehem in Bayons (13th century), the castle of Sigoyer-Malpoil and its interactive virtual terminal reconstruction over the centuries, the charming Romanesque church in the perched village of Valavoire, the five-piece stone fountain of Gigors or the magnificent altarpiece of the church of Nibles. For all these reasons, the Hautes Terres de Provence® (Highlands of Provence) belong to Haute-Provence UNESCO Global Geopark and part of this space is a listed Natura 2000 area.

The Rocks-That-Talk tour (Route des Rochers-qui-Parlent)

A unique opportunity to listen to speaking rocks! In unlikely places that are only found in the Highlands of Provence, they will tell you tales about Provence and the whole world. Get a passport to discover them, in our Tourist Offices.



Every year for the past 15 years during the summer, the program "Vivre Culture" offers plays and concerts in our small villages that enliven the evenings. Finally, let's not forget that we are in the lands of the Rocks-that-talk: they tell you about the medieval history of our country or tales from around the world.


Saffron, lavender essential oil, sea buckthorn and organic vegetable production, cheeses and meats, honey... these are all local produce to make your mouth water. You are invited to an unforgettable experience, immerse yourself in unspoiled nature, what are you waiting for!?

Did you know ?

Les Hautes Terres de Provence® (Highlands of Provence) offer breathtaking panoramas! At the tourist offices get the leaflet that shows you the location of the 7 orientation tables and the 5 posts with sight tubes. They will allow you to identify the main legendary peaks of the Dévoluy, Écrins, Briançonnais and Mercantour massifs. Some of them are accessible by car and others by foot; each of these sites is a gateway to another world!


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