Mountain bike trail "Les versants de l'Auzance"

Circuit VTT Les Versants de l'Auzance - Sentier en balcon (Copyright : Office de Tourisme Sisteron Buëch)
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This track leads to Lachau, and lets you discover Notre Dame de Calma after a steep descent. This track has numerous changes in pace and an ascent toward the "Château".

At the parking lot take the road to the village.
At the stop sign, go forward between the houses, you can fill your gourds at a fountain on the left.
Cross the small ford and follow along the torrent on the right.
Ford : on the road go left.
Just before the ford take a left on a small trail.
Forest path : go right.
Take the road on the right going down toward the road.
Go up the road on the left.
Cross the small bridge, the road becomes a path going on the right of a farm.
Take the second left at the foot of the farm on a small dirt path going up.
At the mountain pass, go right on a small grass path.
At the fork, just before the ford, go left on the road along the river.
At the small bridge, take a left at the N.D. de Calma chapel (XIIth century).
Follow the path on the right between the two houses.
Go by the BTP storehouses and proceed forward.
Cross the bridge on the left then the small road going up forward.
Before the house, turn right.
Go off the road, then onto another going up on the left.
At the small pass at the foot of the Chauver, a trail start around the small valley.
At the turn take the trail in front.
At a flat area turn left and follow along the field to reach the trail of the pass.
Araud's Pass : go down on the right.
Proceed forward up the Les Peyres valley.
At the fork before Les Damias, turn right at the road going up toward the Saint Pierre pass.
At the turn, take the mountain path on the right, then enter Eourres.
A small fountain and a bench are here to have a break.
At the calvary, go down on the right until the parking lot.


Level black - very hard
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Itineraire balisé: 
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Carte VTT des Pays du Buëch - itinéraire Méouge n°17
Période d'ouverture

All year round.

Subject to favorable weather.


Free access.

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