Mountain bike trail "Le Tour de Chabre"

Circuit VTT Le Tour de Chabre - A VTT sur la Montagne de Chabre (Copyright : Patrice - Grand Sud Mag)
Circuit VTT Le Tour de Chabre - A VTT sur la Montagne de Chabre (Copyright : Patrice - Grand Sud Mag)
Circuit VTT Le Tour de Chabre - A VTT sur la Montagne de Chabre (Copyright : Patrice - Grand Sud Mag)
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Start at Lagrand's hilltop village, in front of the City Hall.


A strenuous trek for seasoned sportsmen, on steep trails, with panoramic viewpoints near the middle (St Jean's mountain pass) and of the Chabre ridge. Experts will love the last, very technical descent.

KM 0,0 Go toward Orpierre then down on the right.

0,5 Reach road D30 then go right.

0,8 Left then cross the bridge and proceed forward on the small asphalt road.

2,3 Left, cross the bridge.

2,45 Go right toward " Les Planes ".

2,8 At the turn before the farm proceed forward on the path.

3,1 Right, then right again 50 m after a bridge.

3,8 At « la Pension » go left and stay on the road.

5,1 Go left, on the road going up toward the hamlet of " Le Chevalet ".

Go left after the bridge to take a path.

Stay on the main road, turn left at a small flat area.

Go right at the fork.

The path ends and becomes a mountain trail going up and down.

Follow the path on the left, then again after 100 m.

Go left, cross the small meadow then right at a mountain trail.

Follow the right trail to get to the Lavavour pass.

Go up on the left.

14,6 Pass of Lavadour. Go off the trail and go left on the road to the St-Jean pass.

18,3 St-Jean pass (1158 m). Follow the trail going up on the left then down at La Bégüe.

18,7 Forward.

22,0 Left on the road.

22,2 After the church, go left then up and forward.

27,9 Pass of la Croisette (927 m) : forward on the road.

29,1 Crossroad : go up on the left.

32,8 On the left, toward Chabre flight site, stay on the asphalt road.

36,9 Chabre's Ridge. Go on the ridge to the right.

39.7 Left toward Saléon, be careful on the descent there.

41,4 Take the right trail, then turn left. Follow the left path.

43,9 Go down the trail on the left, then proceed right at a small path near the turn.

45,0 Concourdier Ruins : left then right 100 m later.

45,8 Cross the road then follow the trail.

47,1 Rabasse Farm. Follow the road to Saléon and Lagrand.

48,3 Go left to Lagrand's roundabout.


Level black - very hard
For experts / practiced
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Carte VTT des Pays du Buëch - Circuit Baronnies n°1
Période d'ouverture

All year round.

Subject to favorable weather.


Free access.

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