Hiking trail "Les crêtes de Chabre par les Espranons"

Crête de Chabre par les Espranons - Crête de Chabre par les Espranons (Copyright : Faustine Zunino)
Itinéraire de rando La Crête de Chabre par les Espranons - Vue depuis la table d'orientation de Chabre (Copyright : Communauté de Communes Sisteronais Buëch)
Itinéraire de rando La Crête de Chabre par les Espranons - Lueur du soir sur la crête de Chabre (Copyright : Communauté de Communes Sisteronais Buëch)
Crête de Chabre par les Espranons - Crête de Chabre par les Espranons (Copyright : Faustine Zunino)
Hameau de la Tuilière
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From Laragne or Serres, take the road D 1075 then D 30 (Eyguians / Pont-Lagrand fork), at the first roundabout, take the 3rd exit toward Saléon (D 330). Go by the village, proceed on the D 330 to reach the hamlet of La Tuilière


This trek offers a two-way trip up to the Chabre mountain, with part of the trail on a beautiful ridge. Walk along this ridge to have a beautiful 360° view of the surrounding, at the crossroads of all the Buëch's valleys.

1 - Start and forest trail
At the hamlet proceed on the road D 330 towar Laragne for about one kilometer then follow the forest trail on the right with an ONF fence, follow the yellow signs. At the sign " clos du chat ", continue forward on the path.

2 - Viewpoints : cirque of St Genis, Beaumont Mountain, Céans and Eyguians valleys in Orpierre
Going up the path, you can see the cirque of St Genis on the right. While going up, you can admire different viewpoints.

Take the right path and proceed on this road.

3 - Crossroad post 135 - Chabre / Nossaeg ridges
At the fork on the left, take the trail toward " la Crête de Chabre " (20 minutes on foot).

Steep ascent across the forest.
Ignore the turn and proceed forward. The way up is steep until the ridge. As the trail gets rockier, you will start to see the the view little by little...

4 - Viewpoint and crossroad
Go right toward the Chabre peak (2 km - 30 minutes).
From there you can admire the view of the Buëch valley, from Serres to Laragne, over 15 km.
Be sure to proceed for more surprises !

5 - Ridges - break area and viewpoints
Various useful spots are on the Chabre ridges : benches, picnic tables, WC and toposcope.

Toposcope - 360° view
This toposcope is a must see and full of information to find your way through all the different valleys, villages, mountains, ridges and rocks.

6 - Peak of Chabre (1352 m)
To reach the summit, follow the large path then the smaller trail in front of you.

Return trip
Take the same path in reverse.


Level black - very hard
For experts / practiced
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Yellow (PR)
Références topoguides: 
Topo "Randonnées autour d'Orpierre", en vente dans les Office de Tourisme de Sisteron Buëch.
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TOP 25 IGN 3339 OT


Pets welcome
Période d'ouverture

All year round.

Subject to favorable weather.


Free of charge.


Sisteron Buëch

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